"Do you always seem to have that one 'bad' hole?"
That one bad hole than turns into 2 or three bad holes and ruins your whole round!

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  • The voice of doubt causes you problems?
  • You struggle with too many swing thoughts?
  • You're find it difficult to really trust your swing?
  • Have too many" 'if only's"
You're playing well, cruising along and your score starts looking pretty good. But before you know it, you have that one hole, where it all seems to go wrong. That 'one' bad hole that ruins your round and commits your scorecard to the bin.
The saying goes "Golf is 90 percent mental", but very few golfers ever spend any time focusing or working on that part of their game.
Instead, spending hour after hour working on developing the perfect swing, only to find the the 'perfect' swing is not immune to problems when you're out on the golf course
The above is just one scenario that causes golfers so many problems, frustration and stops them from shooting lower scores and enjoying the game. 
Or Maybe....
Wouldn't it Make Sense to Focus on the 
Mental Side of Your Game?
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